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Latin Grammars in the Iberian Peninsula

how to search

  1. word : simple text search
    use  ^ (hat)  to denote beginning of words, and
    use  $ (dollar)  to denote ending of words

    examples :
    nascor  → agnascor, nascor, renascor, subnascor, …
    ^nascor  → nascor (only)
    ^ago  → ago, agolum, agonia, … agoa, agora, …
    ago$  → ago (only)

    other regular expressions like "ag[uo]a" (agoa or agua) also available.

  2. special characters :
    to specify enter
    ç c
    õ on
    ǒ, û o<, u>

    N.B.: no distinction is made in the database between ǒ and ô, or ǔ and û, as they are not rarely confused.

  3. longer context :
    Click on the foliation (e.g. "NE1495:115V:p2:B08") to get a longer context. Click again to return.

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