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Pereyra 1697(Lat-Port)

Latin Glossaries with vernacular sources

this page offers a full-text search of various Latin-Vernacular / Vernacular-Latin glossaries, published mainly in the late 16th to 17th centuries.

Reproduction is granted exclusively for private and academic use.

  1. Dictionarium Latino-Lusitanicum ac Japonicum (1595, Amacusa) is now available on-line (Apr 7,2011)
    キリシタン版「ラポ日対訳辞書」(1595, 天草) の全文検索サービスを開始しました。
  2. Vocabulário da língoa de Japam (1603-1604, Nagasaqui) is now available on-line (Oct 16,2013)
    キリシタン版「日ポ辞書」(1603, 長崎) の全文検索サービスを開始しました。

  1. available resources : (update May 3, 2015)
    Cardoso1592LP : Cardoso : Latin to Portuguese dictionary (1592)
    Cardoso1592PL : Cardoso : Portuguese to Latin dictionary (1592, annex to the above)
    Calepinus1592 : Calepinus polyglott dictionary (1592) Venezia edition : (Latin only)
    DL1595 : Dictionarium Latino Lusitanicum ac Japonicum (1595) Amacusa (Jesuit Mission Press) : (Latin-Portuguese-Japanese)
    DJ1603 : Vocabulário da língoa de Japam (1603-1604) Nagasaqui (Jesuit Mission Press) : (Japanese-Portuguese)
    [newly available from Oct 16, 2013]
    Barbosa : Barbosa : Portuguese to Latin dictionary (1611)
    Pereyra : Bento Pereyra : Portuguese to Latin dictionary (1697)
    Nizolius1595: Nizolius : Thesaurus Ciceronianus (1595) Basel edition (Latin only)

    original folia can be consulted when marked as pdf. (images are taken from copies in private collections);

  2. resources scheduled to be available(now under proof reading) :
    Blutaeu1728: Vocabulário Portuguez e Latino : 1728 Coimbra

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